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75 th Festival de Cannes 2022
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L'agenda Genève
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Le progrès Lyon 2022
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Reportage/ Interview 2020 Bankable TV
Press French Ste Foy Les Lyon
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Jack Buckley :


Interview  1  "Le progrès" 2015

Interview  2  "Progrès" 2015

The recital is always arranged with a crescendo of talent and the best last. There can be no doubt that the last three were  roughly in the right place. 

Best last. And it functions admirably as an encore piece, which is where it is placed in the programme. Franck Laurent Grandpré was sitting next to me at the castle’s mensa lunch, the same day as the concert. I asked him if he was a pianist. He looked at me as though he thought I was trying to  joke. He spoke in halting English. My French is lousy. He said he would be playing tonight one of his own compositions which Madame had liked. How very nice, I said. I hope so, he replied.

The knowing twinkle in his eye came through in the performance of his Salsa Lipsa (Leipzig Sauce). It was, of course, a critique and tribute to Liszt, with musical nods and winks liberally distributed throughout the score.I myself felt his greater debt was to his country’s greatest pianist-composer, Camille Saint-Saëns.  No wit like French wit. His complete enjoyment of composing and playing his music communicated itself to every pair of ears in the house. Even the deaf couldn’t miss it. Well, sometimes the deaf do miss it, he said wryly. Watch out for him. He gives complete recitals of his work.

Jack Buckley



RTS - 1ère chaine d'information en Suisse
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                 France Info Culture 
Journal  de  20h  TF1

"La Nouvelle République"

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Article -Concert in Ragusa- The virtuoso that enchants the public of Ible Classica

The virtuoso that enchants the public of Ibla Classica

Yet another "highlight" for the season of Ibla Classica International as always directed by the teacher Giovanni Cultrera and organized impeccably by the Agimus under the guidance of Marisa Di Natale and Beppe Basile: a concert that has sent into raptures the thick and competent audience that crowds every time what is the evocative Donnafugata theater in Ibla, ideal location for such artistic representations.

After presentation it was the turn of the expected protagonist of the evening the young French pianist Franck Laurent Grandpré who, in just twelve years of activity - began playing the piano at the age of thirteen - boasts an amazing curriculum vitae full of international awards and certifications, with a whole string of acclaimed concerts in the most prestigious European theaters.

Franck is also passionate about creating music and regularly plays improvisations and his own compositions in his concerts. He currently studies with Epifanio Comis at the Sicilian Piano Academy.

His performance at the Donnafugata has ranged among the works of the most famous international composers including Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Wagner, Liszt, Schubert and Ravel: he has performed pieces that are not easy to perform and in all of them he has put on show his exceptional talent, his piano virtuosity charmed those present who gratified him by giving him long and thunderous applause. At the end of the concert he was repeatedly recalled on stage and the young talent still delighted the audience with the execution of other pieces out of the lineup:

his hands on the piano keyboard seemed to fly and become one with the keyboard until reach paroxysmal rhythms and there still applauses on applause to chisel a night of the first order. As usual at the end we all met in the foyer of the theater for the "after cocktail theater" curated by Angelo Vini and Affini.

Silvio Biazzo Journalist since 1980, he has collaborated with Radio Insieme, Avvenire, Giornale di Sicilia and Gazzetta del Sud and local tv, diploma of Classical Maturity, university studies in Jurisprudence, from 1993 awarded the honor of Cavaliere dell'O.M.R.I.

Giornalle cittadino

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