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The trajectory of young pianist-composer Franck Laurent-Grandpré is characterised by explosive creativity and the excellence of the classical music tradition.

On the one hand selected for the most renowned international competitions (Queen Elizabeth of Belgium, The Leeds...), on the other, he has worked as a composer with the world break dance champions "Pockemon Crew".





Whether as a pianist for the famous "Candlelight" concerts,

or the author of ballet music commissioned by the Opéra National de Lyon,

he harnesses forms, breathing life into flamboyant expression.

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                    In April 2020, in the middle of the lockdown,

more than 250 000 people followed his online concert on social media.


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In the 2020 and 2021 seasons he gave over one hundred and thirty piano recitals,

including classical programmes (Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin...),

as well as personal adaptations of the film scores of John Williams and Hans Zimmer

and entire recitals of his own compositions.


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Franck was invited to perform at the Cannes Film Festival 2022,

at the gala ceremony of the “Better World Foundation”,

which works to protect women and children and to preserve the environment.


Rumours began to circulate, fostering interest in the young author's works much as one would see for a painter's canvases :

- The legendary Russian pianist Eliso Virsaladze speaks of his “unique vision” which “takes on every piece of music he plays”.

- Music critic Christopher Axworthy wrote of his “own amazing Salsa Classica (…) that brought the house down”

- And the magazine “Seen and Heard International” remarks: "No wit like French wit (...) even the deaf couldn't miss it (…) watch out for him”.

Franck won 1st prize at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris,

was semi-finalist in the “Long Thibaud Crespin” competition (the most prestigious in France),

and finalist in the Busoni competition in Bolzano (the most renowned in Italy).

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In 2017, he began writing a huge musical fresco for piano in four chapters.

The work, entitled “Sagrada Familia”, was completed during 2022 and runs for more than two and a half hours.

While some excerpts have already been hailed as a "revelation of the festival of lights" by the paper “La Nouvelle République” in 2019,

the first chapter was premiered in full in May 2022.

Franck was invited to the gala opening ceremony of the first International Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Piano competition in France in 2018 and performed the opening concert of "Amigdala International Music Competition 2019" in Catania.


He appeared on the jury of international piano competitions at Lagny-sur-Marne and of the chamber music awards at Nancy conservatory. 


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He believes that the artist’s role is to render the not-immediately manifested presence of the transcendent sublime palpable and visible, through the universal medium of beauty.

He also played in concerts seeking to bring music into underprivileged areas (the Verramuse association) and for the restoration of the cultural heritage of Sainte Foy-Lès-Lyon, his home town.

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He has also staged events in unexpected places, in the street for example, for the Bozen Festival in Bolzano.

His work as a soloist brought him to famous festivals such as :

Flagey’s Studio 4 in Brussels, Hammerklavier International Piano Series in Spain, Lyon Opera in France, Palermo Winter Festival in Italy,

the Birmingham International Piano Festival in England, etc.

Trained at the Conservatoires of Lyon, Geneva, Paris and Florence, Franck has benefited from the guidance of masters such as Jean-Claude Pennetier, Marie Joseph Jude, Marian Ribicki, Georges Pludermacher, Denis Pascal, Michel Béroff, Sylvianne Deferne, Hortense Cartier-Bresson, Bruno Robilliard or Eliso Virsaladze.


He has also received the occasional gems of advice from Maria-Joao Pires, Jorge Luis Prats and Sir Andràs Schiff.

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Open to different musical cultures, he accompanies traditional "Erhu" Chinese instruments at Lyon Opera,

plays historic instruments at the Royaumont Abbey

as well as in Brazilian chamber music group Camerata Candela in Geneva. 


His heart generally leans more towards the freestyle, improvisation and creative style of leading 20th century pianists such as Horowitz, Samson François or Alfred Cortot. 

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"Franck Laurent-Grandpré plays with the majestic freedom of the improviser, and his communication with the audience is quite extraordinary."

                                                        Natalia Troull  (2nd Tchaikovsky prize)

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